National Branding

A country’s image and reputation on

the international stage directly

affects its ability to attract tourism

arrivals and foreign investment, and

consequently its economic performance

Working closely with governments…

…in emerging markets around the world. These destinations are amongst the most dynamic and exciting to work in as they offer opportunities and returns that can’t be matched in better known markets.

A Healthy Proposition – Peru’s Superfoods

Publication: CHINA Daily

Client: Promperu – The national Investment promotion agency of Peru, responsible for domestic and international promotion of the country.

Objective: When some Peruvian superfoods were launched on the Chinese market for the first time, PROMPERU – The national Peruvian investment promotion agency – partnered with us to create a media event that would generate the maximum possible interest in the Peruvian produce.

Audience: We worked with the China Daily, China’s leading English language newspaper, which has a readership of almost one million in mainland China that is concentrated principally amongst the political and commercial elite in Shanghai and Beijing.

This was the ideal target audience for Promperu to reach, and the campaign ran to coincide with the Beijing Food Fair in which Peruvian produce was being exhibited for the first time.

Results: Our feature focused on the unique properties and qualities of Peru’s agricultural exports, like the Haas Avocado, and highlighted what made the Peruvian superfoods better than the existing produce in the Chinese market through engaging and informative editorial. Exports of Peruvian produce to China have since been increasing annually.

Making Waves in the Philippines

Publication: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine

Client: The Philippines Tourism Board – The organization responsible for promoting the country to an international audience.

Objective: The Philippines is a huge and diverse archipelago consisting of more than 7,600 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines tourism board wanted to promote the diversity of its tourism offering and showcase some of the nation’s lesser known attractions to the international audience.

Audience: Given the ecological wonders and natural beauty that the Philippines Tourism Board wanted to promote we chose one of the world’s best loved travel magazines to work with. National Geographic is an iconic publication and its appeal to readers means that each edition has a shelf life that extends well beyond a normal magazine readership circulation. A feature in National Geographic becomes part of a legacy. Due to our long relationship with the media we were able to secure a huge six page spread at a very favorable price to match the client’s budget. The large space gave us sufficient space to display stunning photography and do justice to the great diversity and beauty of the locations and attractions that the client wanted to promote.

Results: The diverse locations around the Philippines that were highlighted in the feature such as Bical and Batanes received an uptick in tourism arrivals the following year.

Taiwan a Bright Future

Publication: FORBES Asia

Client: Taiwanese Private Sector

Objective: For more than 30 years, Taiwan’s ICT sector has been renowned for its ability to compete with the best in the world. With 5G due to come on stream within a matter of years, the future looks bright. The purpose of the feature was to inform potential investors, partners and clients about the most dynamic companies at the vanguard of the Taiwanese economic miracle.

Audience: For maximum impact the feature ran in the prestigious Forbes Asia magazine that provides unparalleled access to the companies and personalities moving business forward in Asia.

Results: The feature enjoyed widespread popularity and was made up of several of Taiwan’s most dynamic businesses from a variety of sectors that included high tech, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and communications sectors. Highlighting companies at the vanguard of innovation enabled us to portray a country that was operating as a global leader across a variety of sectors.