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IIG are the exclusive
partners of the worlds
best known publications

IIG are media communication specialists who have been partnering with some of the world’s best known media for twenty years to promote businesses in the international market place.

We have produced hundreds of corporate profiles and investment guides over that time and provided consulting services for companies in emerging and dynamic markets from all over the world.
Our objective is to highlight new, exciting and trend-setting behaviour in the global market-place and identify areas of potential opportunity for foreign investors. We aim to supply our audience with fresh and compelling information that enables them to stay ahead of the curve and enjoy first-mover advantage in their investment decisions.

In order to keep abreast of international investment news our teams of multilingual representatives are constantly on the move researching material for our guides. Our information is gathered first hand through face-to-face meetings with political and corporate leaders around the globe.

As well as being the authorized representative of magazines such as TIME and FORTUNE our profiles can also be seen online at Business Investment Guide www.businessinvestorguide.com



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