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A Glittering Goal – SWAROVSKI

Publication: FORTUNE Magazine

Client: Swarovski is one of the world’s best recognized brand names. An independent family run business that began 125 years ago, Swarovski is constantly committed to quality and innovation. That is true of its product as well as the avenues the company uses to promote its brand and reach the international audience.

Objective: Swarovski partnered with us to promote the successes of its Consumer Goods Business division. As the company uses new technology to expand its product offerings.

Audience: We placed the company’s profile feature in the iconic Global 500 edition of FORTUNE magazine in order to generate maximum international exposure for Swarovski and place it amongst the world’s best businesses.

Powering growth in Bangladesh – SUMMIT

Publication: TIME Magazine

Client: Summit Corporation established Bangladesh’s first independent power plant in 1997 and has since grown into the country’s largest independent power producer.

Objective: Bangladesh’s economic growth over the last decade has been outstanding. Yet the country and its major industrial players remain little known outside the country. Summit is a private sector company which recognizes the need to promote both its own activities while lifting the profile of the nation as a whole, knowing that more international interest and investment will benefit both its own bottom line as well as the well-being of its fellow countrymen.

Audience: TIME’s international readership was deemed the most appropriate target audience in which to specifically raise Summit’s international brand recognition through a double page spread, as well as promoting Bangladesh as a business destination in general.


Publication: TIME Magazine

Client: MONACAIR is a Monegasque helicopter company based at Monaco Heliport, Monaco. The airline provides various services, including 40 daily helicopter transfers between Nice Cote d’Azur Airport and Monaco, private flights and luxury experiences, helicopter tours, as well as helicopter maintenance, management, and handling services. 

The company also provides transport for the Princely Family of Monaco, the Government of Monaco and several Chiefs of State visiting the Principality.

Objective: Founded in 1988, MONACAIR wanted to reposition itself as a helicopter airline rather than as a taxi service with rotor blades. Over the past three years, the company has established partnerships with the likes of Air France, British Airways and Emirates and an increasing number of international passengers flying into Nice can now seamlessly connect with MONACAIR helicopter flights to Monte Carlo.

The objective was to outline the luxurious attractions of the services provided by MONACAIR to potential customers within the context of the feature that we were publishing on Monaco in September’s edition of TIME.

Audience: TIME EMEA edition for a maximum target audience of affluence European and Middle Eastern potential travellers and passengers.